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#include <afflib/aftimer.h>
#include "hash_t.h"

00004 class imager {
    bool     allow_regular;         // allow the imaging of a regular file

    uint64   total_segments_written;      // number of times callback called
    /* These are set in the imaging loop */

    uint64   total_sectors_read;
    uint64   total_bytes_read;
    uint64   total_bytes_written;
    uint64   total_blank_sectors;

    /* These are set by the callback */
    uint64   callback_bytes_to_write;     
    uint64   callback_bytes_written;

    bool    imaging;
    bool    imaging_failed;

    /* Options */
    bool    opt_logAFF; // do we want to log aff operations?
    FILE    *logfile;

    /* Timers */
    aftimer compression_timer;
    aftimer read_timer;
    aftimer write_timer;
    aftimer imaging_timer;

    /* attaching or detaching drives with friendly names */
    char  cmd_attach[255];          // to detach a device that was attached
    char  cmd_detach[255];          // to detach a device that was attached

    /* scsi bus parameters */
    int  scsi_bus;
    int  scsi_tid;
    int  scsi_lun;
    int  scsi_pass;
    /* ata bus parameters */
    int  ata_dev;

    /* Information about the drive being imaged */
    char device_model[256];
    char serial_number[256];
    char firmware_revision[256];

    /* Input Device parameters */
    int           in;               // input fd
    uint64  in_pos;                 // current position, or -1 if unknown
    int           sector_size;            // in bytes; 0 if unknown
    uint64  total_sectors;          // in sectors; 0 if uncomputable
    unsigned int maxreadblocks;           // in bytes; that can be read

    AFFILE  *af;                    // AF output file
    char    outfile[MAXPATHLEN];
    char    infile[MAXPATHLEN];     // the actual file being imaged
    unsigned char *badflag;         // badflag we are using

    /* For calculating hashes */
    md5_generator  th_md5;
    md5_t         md5;
    sha1_generator th_sha1;
    sha1_t        sha1;
    sha256_generator th_sha256;
    sha256_t            sha256;

    bool    hash_invalid;           // did we reverse direction or skip?
    uint64  last_sector_read ;      // sector number last read
    int           last_sectors_read;

    /* Configuration */
    bool seek_on_output;            // if True, then we need to recalculate md5 & sha
    int  retry_count;

    unsigned char *buf;             // the transfer buffer
    unsigned int bufsize;           // how many bytes in buf
    char  blank_sector[512];        // a lot of zeros
    int   partial_sector_left;            
    bool  partial_sector_blank;

    /* Error handling */
    uint64 bad_sectors_read;
    int    consecutive_read_errors;
    int        consecutive_read_error_regions;
    int    error_recovery_phase;
    int    last_direction;                // 1 = forwards, -1 = backwards


    void status();            // called each time through; link in your own!

    /* Setup functions */
    int  open_dev(const char *friendly_name);
    int  set_input_fd(int ifd);
    void hash_setup();
    int set_input(const char *name);
    /* Setup the imaging */
    int socket_listen(int port);    // listen on this port for input data;

    /* Imaging data */
    void write_data(unsigned char *buf,uint64 offset,int bytes_read);
    void image_loop(uint64 low_water_mark,
                  uint64 high_water_mark,
                  int direction, int readsectors,int error_mask);

    void  start_recover_scan();           // do a recover scan
    void  start_imaging2();         // actually run the imaging
    int   start_imaging();          // set up to start the imaging
    void  final_report();        // generate a human-readable report

    void ident();
    class ident *output_ident;


extern int opt_multithreaded;

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