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 * ident.h:
 * lots of OS-specific information for getting the serial numbers
 * of drives, calculating free space, and stuff like that.

#ifndef __IDENT_H__
#define __IDENT_H__

00010 class ident {
    static char *append(char *base,const char *add); // append add to base and return the new base
    void init();
    ident(int fd);                  // ident an open file descriptor
    ident(const char *fn);          // ident a filename or file system
    int fd;
    char *filename;                 // filename
    bool opened;              // need to close?

    bool is_scsi();                 // return true if scsi
    // scsi variables get set if this is a scsi device
    struct {
      int  bus;
      int  tid;
      int  lun;
      int  pass;              // freebsd specific thing
    } scsi;

    bool is_ata();
    struct {
      int  dev;
      int  primary;                 // 0 = primary; 1 = secondary
      int  master;                  // 0 = master; 1 = slave
    } ata;

    /* General information about the device */
    int get_params();               // try to figure out device params; returns 0 if success
    struct {
      char *manufacturer;           // manufacturer
      char *model;            // model number
      char *sn;               // serial number
      char *firmware;         // firmware revision
      int cylinders;
      int heads;
      int sectors_per_track;
      char *human;            // big human readable chunk
    } params;

    long long freebytes();    // amount of free bytes on device

    /* General functions about the machine */
    static char *mac_addresses();         
    // returns a buffer, which must be freed, of a null-terminated
    // list of ethernet mac addresses in the current computers.

    static char *dmesg();
    // returns a buffer, which must be freed, of a null-terminated
    // string that has the output of the "dmesg" command.

    static void debug(const char *fn);    // print debug information for fn 



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