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imager Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void final_report ()
void hash_setup ()
void ident ()
void image_loop (uint64 low_water_mark, uint64 high_water_mark, int direction, int readsectors, int error_mask)
int open_dev (const char *friendly_name)
int set_input (const char *name)
int set_input_fd (int ifd)
int socket_listen (int port)
int start_imaging ()
void start_imaging2 ()
void start_recover_scan ()
void status ()
void write_data (unsigned char *buf, uint64 offset, int bytes_read)

Public Attributes

bool allow_regular
int ata_dev
uint64 bad_sectors_read
unsigned char * badflag
char blank_sector [512]
unsigned char * buf
unsigned int bufsize
uint64 callback_bytes_to_write
uint64 callback_bytes_written
char cmd_attach [255]
char cmd_detach [255]
aftimer compression_timer
int consecutive_read_error_regions
int consecutive_read_errors
char device_model [256]
int error_recovery_phase
char firmware_revision [256]
bool hash_invalid
bool imaging
bool imaging_failed
aftimer imaging_timer
int in
uint64 in_pos
char infile [MAXPATHLEN]
int last_direction
uint64 last_sector_read
int last_sectors_read
FILE * logfile
unsigned int maxreadblocks
md5_t md5
bool opt_logAFF
char outfile [MAXPATHLEN]
class identoutput_ident
bool partial_sector_blank
int partial_sector_left
aftimer read_timer
int retry_count
int scsi_bus
int scsi_lun
int scsi_pass
int scsi_tid
int sector_size
bool seek_on_output
char serial_number [256]
sha1_t sha1
sha256_t sha256
md5_generator th_md5
sha1_generator th_sha1
sha256_generator th_sha256
uint64 total_blank_sectors
uint64 total_bytes_read
uint64 total_bytes_written
uint64 total_sectors
uint64 total_sectors_read
uint64 total_segments_written
aftimer write_timer

Detailed Description

Definition at line 4 of file imager.h.

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